NYPD spying on NYC & NOLA activists, including Critical Resistance.


not that i am surprised given the long & on going history of COINTELPRO but part of the NYPD “intelligence” spying was happening to me & my old co-workers (i was one of only 2 staff at CR-NYC) in the Bronx Critical Resistance office during 2008.  i just found out about it on Saturday night.

NYPD marked cars regularly circled our office & pointed in at us all the time. but its startling to actually see the memo! and if this is what all intelligence briefings look like at the NYPD i feel somewhat safer because they don’t understand that our organizations work collectively (an amazing list of orgs are all listed at one!), aren’t lead by a single person and mostly don’t make mention of the truly subversive & revolutionary things we were doing like stopping a new jail from being built, long weekly conference calls & mid day office dance breaks.

to read the full AP report click here

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Dear Friends,  

As you may have heard, Critical Resistance and a number of our long-time allies have been named in  documents leaked from the New York Police Department outlining NYPD surveillance and infiltration of demonstrations, meetings, and public events during April 2008. The documents, released by the Associated Press, illustrate the persistent and continuous surveillance, intimidation, and repression of organizations working to resist US imperialism domestically and internationally. The leak also offers one more opportunity for our organizations and movements to exercise increased solidarity and unity in the face of that repression.

Groups in New York will be holding a press conference on Wednesday, March 28th to draw attention to this document and to the NYPD’s surveillance program. CR stands strongly in solidarity with these groups. We know that rather than this being an exceptional moment of policing scandal, it is, instead, a demonstration of what policing is and the political roles it plays. The practice of policing has at its core controlling and targeting poor people and people of color, even as it disrupts our movements and suppresses dissent. Whether through recent efforts to highlight these policing practices in Muslim communities or through the defense efforts in support of Carlos Montes and the 23 other activists facing charges related to their anti-war and international solidarity efforts, time and again we find that the more tightly we draw together, the better able we are to resist their attacks.

We urge organizations to stand in solidarity with us. If you are in New York turn out to the press conference on Wednesday. If you are not, please endorse the press conference and spread the word. This is not a moment for shrinking away, but for boldly embodying our politics, and pushing our movements forward.

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