Reasons I love the movie Times Square:

1. it’s a coming-of-age story for girls that’s about defiance and autonomy

2. it says there is such a thing as queer girlhood and it can be joyful, volatile, liberating; and that sometimes the safest home is the one you create for yourself.

3. the part where Pammy recites the part of “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” that I love

4. it revealed “restoration” campaigns to re-develop Times Square as what they were: powerful people dismantling a neighborhood that made them uncomfortable. Times Square, as the film shows, with its sex, crime, and neon filth reminded elites of their own slime that their “morality” always tries but of course always fails to eviscerate. In the above scene, the girls say: we are everything you revile, and so are you.

The film depicted a Times Square where people looked out for each other. Needless to say this image contrasts in a pretty disheartening way with the Times Square we have now, where no one looks out for one another because corporations only look out for themselves.

5. it told stories of being a girl and of radical politics together, through each other. Nicki and Pammy’s adventures are heightened with the backdrop of an embattled neighborhood. Likewise, the consequences of the cleanup of Times Square came to light through the knowledge that the neighborhood, among other things, served as a haven for homeless youth like Nicki and Pammy. Coming of age stories can be remarkably isolated from any political discourse—as though girls wouldn’t understand. Times Square rejects that this is the only way to tell it.